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Mar 17, 2000

1999. Those terns were believed to consume from 7 to 15 million
Posted on Wednesday, October 01, 2003 (PST)
migrating juvenile salmon and steelhead each year, many of them from
populations listed under the Endangered Species Act.
The plan's goal is to attract many of the birds down river to nest at
East Sand Island, where more marine fish are available as prey. Salmon
made up 75 percent of Rice Island terns' diet according to a study
year compared to 40 percent at East Sand Island. By dislodging the
colony, the work group expects to reduce salmon smolt losses this year
by 25 to 40 percent
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15. During the delay caused by the separate processes mandated by NMFS,
Posted on Wednesday, October 01, 2003 (PST)
the states were forced to shut down a small commercial fishery that
targeted a Willamette River hatchery chinook run. The states also closed
their lower river recreational salmon fishery targeting on the
Willamette River hatchery fish.
-- However, the permit allowed remaining state fisheries to use 0.5
percent of the total 9 percent impacts, thus allowing tribal fisheries
to use 8.5 percent of the impacts. This, say state officials, severely
constrains the ability of the states to ...
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300 cfs flow to chart the differences in spawning and rearing habitat
Posted on Wednesday, October 01, 2003 (PST)
availability. Nutrition would not likely be a limiting factor.
"The lower Yakima River is very productive in terms of food for the
fish," Stanford said.
"It presents a contrast from other things that are being discussed right
now" in salmon recovery circles, Stanford said of the pump exchange
idea. Additional flows at key warm weather times would relax what
Stanford called a "very constrained reach" in terms of habitat. The
region and its water are intensively managed for ...
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