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Bad Year For Steelhead But IDFG Hopes Enough To Trap Some At Hells Canyon For Fishing In Boise River
Posted on Friday, November 03, 2017 (PST)

It’s been a lean year for steelhead, but Idaho’s Treasure Valley anglers hoping for a chance to catch one in the Boise River may be in luck.


Steelhead managers have been closely watching returns and know enough steelhead are available to replenish hatcheries with eggs and provide some fish for harvest.


Some of those fish may be trucked to the Boise River and released, which has become a fall tradition and a chance for anglers to catch a sea-run fish where they returned decades ago, but are now blocked by dams.


The steelhead destined for the Boise River are trapped at Hells Canyon Dam. While steelhead will likely be trucked to the river, the number of fish available is likely to be less than in the past.


“In a normal year, we would stock 333 adults in each of the first three weeks of November for a total of about 1,000,” said Joe Kozfkay, regional fish manager. “2017 is a low steelhead run, so stocking will likely be much lower than 1,000. During fall of 2013 in a similar low return, we were able to stock 200 steelhead in the Boise River.”


IDFG personnel plan to start trapping steelhead around Nov. 6, and if the fish cooperate, stocking the Boise River could begin in mid November.


As plans are finalized, IDFG will announce the exact day and locations where the fish will be stocked, along with rules pertaining to steelhead fishing on the Boise River.

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