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Corps Report On Bradford Island Cleanup Says Contaminants Exceed ‘Risk Screening Levels’
Posted on Friday, January 21, 2011 (PST)

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Portland District, has released a draft report on its investigation of contamination on Bradford Island and in the water near the island at Bonneville Lock and Dam.


The draft report documents the district’s investigation; identifies the sources, nature and extent of the remaining environmental contamination; and identifies potential concerns to human health and the environment.


The report concludes that contaminants both on land and in the water exceed risk screening levels, and proposes a feasibility study to identify remedial actions that will lower concentrations in the in-water area to an acceptable risk level.


It also proposes either a feasibility study or a site-specific baseline “Human Health Risk Assessment” or “Level III Ecological Risk Assessment” for the land areas to determine if risks to human health or ecological receptors are unacceptable.


The full report is available for public review and comment on Portland District’s FTP site at


The district has been working with the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality to remove contaminated sediments from on and near Bradford Island since 1997. The contamination resulted from the disposal of electrical equipment on Bradford Island and in the Columbia River through the 1970s. The contaminated areas include a historic landfill, a sandblast area, a pistol target range and an area where waste was disposed directly into the Columbia River.


The Corps removed electrical debris and some contaminated sediment from the river in 2002, and removed 0.83 acre of highly contaminated sediments from the same area in October 2007. Corps officials say both efforts seem to have considerably reduced the in-water contamination.


The Corps continues to work with state and tribal health agencies to inform area anglers about the danger of eating contaminated fish.


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