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ODFW Says Imnaha Wolf Pack May Have Increased By Six Pups In 2010
Posted on Friday, January 21, 2011 (PST)

The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife’s December Wolf Report says the Inmaha Pack may have produced six pups in 2010.


“Location data was collected from the Imnaha Pack during six days in December,” says the report. “On four of the days, the pack was found using the lower elevation areas west of Little Sheep Creek. The area (Zumwalt area) has a large wintering elk herd and a maximum count of 16 wolves was made of this pack by aircraft on Dec. 6. The pack has nine gray, six black, and one unknown color. In addition, this count suggests that six pups may have been produced by the Imnaha Pack in 2010, which ODFW will try to confirm this winter and spring.


“Wolves of this pack are not always together and on one day during December, OR-3 (3-year-old sub-dominant male) was located approximately 23 miles away from OR-2 (alpha female). It is notable that the radio-signal from OR-5 (yearling female) has not been detected since 11/29.”


ODFW says it has widened the search area for this collar as she may have dispersed from the pack.


Also in the report:


--- Wenaha Pack: Wolf surveys in the Wenaha Unit were conducted over three days during December – all by snow machine. A minimum of two wolves was documented on Dec. 31, when tracks were found at the site of a cougar-killed deer.


--- Ukiah Unit: In response to a public wolf report in the Ukiah Unit, ODFW and USFS personnel conducted 49 miles of transect in the north half (Pearson Creek area) of the Unit. No wolf sign was found (new snow), but this area will continue to be monitored.


-- Starkey Unit: Surveys for wolf activity were conducted in the Starkey (Shaw Mountain and Glass Hill) Unit over two days in December. A total of 60 miles was surveyed (snow track surveys) with no wolf sign found.


-- Reports of Wolf Activity: Twenty one wolf reports were received by ODFW during the reporting period as follows; east wolf management zone (17) and west wolf management zone (4). (Note: State’s east and west wolf zones divided by Hwy 97/20/395.) Wolf reports received were categorized as sighting reports (13), track/scat reports (3), and howling reports (5).


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